Policy & Regulations

  1. Staff ID cards are compulsory for admission into the Resource Centre and must be promptly displayed while entering Resource Centre.

  2. Personal belongings should be placed in the locker provided and are not allowed into Resource Centre except for valuables (handbag / mobile phones / laptop), stationery and note book.

  3. Sleeping and smoking in the library are strictly prohibited.

  4. The user is responsible for the safety of library resources and is prohibited from doing damage.

  5. Books that have been used should be placed on the trolley once they have finished  reading them in the library.

  6. Books that have been borrowed and brought into the library should be produce for inspection to the front desk staff.

  7. Mobile phones shall be switched to silent mode at all times.

  8. The Resource Centre shall not be responsible for the safety of any personal property left within the Resource Centre.

  9. All facilities provided at the Resource Centre should be well taken care of.

  10. Users are prohibited from using Internet facilities for purposes that violate the purely cultural practices of Malaysian society.

  11. Users should be dressed politely.