1. How to be a member?
  • You need to register at the library.
  • Patron ID will be given to a member. 
2. Who can be a member?
  • NIH staff
  • Students of the :
- Post-graduate Diploma in Medical Microbiology (DMM)
- Post-graduate Diploma in Applied Parasitology & Entomology (DAP&E)
  • Employees of the Ministry of Health Malaysia
3. Membership privileges.
  • Membership is free.
  • Books and journals are allowed to be borrowed within 2 weeks and the number of items borrowed is according to categories below: 
- IMR staff, DMM and DAP&E students - 8 books/journals 
- Temporary staff from MOH - 6 books/journals 
- MOH staff - 2 books/journals 
  • Users are allowed to access the library's electronic resources such as database or e-journals and digitized materials
  • Other library facilities such as photocopy machines, internet for literature search and PC for general usage.
4. What are the library rules and regulations
  • A borrower is personally responsible for returning on time.
  • The library will send reminder about overdue materials. 
  • For losses of book, the user has to pay the price of book and plus 20% additional for processing fee. 
  • Any damage done to the borrowed material during the loan period must be paid by the borrower. Damaged material still belongs to the library after compensation has been made.
  • Some special collections like thesis and MOH materials are only available as a local loan at the library circulation counter.