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Scientific Series No. 24   Malaria Advisory Board   Malaria Advisory Board  
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IMR bulletins no. 1, 1936   IMR bulletins no. 2, 1928   IMR bulletins no. 3, 1938  
IMR bulletins no. 2, 1927   IMR bulletins no. 1, 1939   IMR bulletins no. 4, 1938  
Short key to the   Endemic Filariasis in the   Ecological notes on the  
identification of the larvae   FMS   fish fauna of a coastal  
of the common...       drainage of North Borneo  
14th Annual Report FMS   Aids to the identification   Some observations and  
    of Anopheline images   experiments on Malayan  
    in Malaya   Anopheles with special...  
Mosquito survey   A report on the state of    The microscopic diagnosis  
    health, the diet and the    of human malaria I  
    economic conditions..      
Recent advances in   Report of the eight   Report  on the minor ports  
bacteriology   congress..   of Malaya  
Federation of Malaya   Federation of Malaya   Singapore annual report  
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